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The Power of Agreement

While no one will ever agree with everybody on any given topic, nor would everybody ever agree completely with any one individual, as many individuals as wish could agree on one topic. All it requires is consensus.

Consensus doesn’t necessarily lead to truth. We might all agree to agree that the Earth is flat. Nevertheless, consensus in its own right imbues those who agree with a certain power. Think of the political process.

Consensus doesn’t necessarily demand sincerity. I might say I agree with somebody to curry favor. Still, if I say I agree with that person, act as if I agreed with that person, and gave nobody any reason to believe that I wasn’t perfectly sincere, nobody would be able to tell the difference.

Ultimately, consensus eliminates the reasons for argument and clears the way for action. In order to build a bridge, we must first agree on the need for the bridge, on where the bridge will go, on how to build the bridge. The bridge we use to cross the river is due in large part to the power of agreement.

But how shall we agree?

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